“Helping People Thrive in Difficult Times”

The Covid 19 Pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times and is demanding unprecedented responses.

At Glover Family Dental we are making every effort to support our clients and the community during this difficult time.  In accordance with all guidelines  put forth by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and Public Health  at local, provincial and national levels we continue to keep our office closed for all non-essential services.

Although we are physically closed, be assured, we are committed to help deal with emergency care.

There is no clear indication when the shut down of our offices  will end.  As this drags on for weeks,  we are striving to be diligent and responsive to your needs.

Options for support:

  • As always, for any life threatening emergency call 911.
  • Should you experience a dental emergency, or if you have concerns, call the office 613 623 7082 and leave a voice message. Our Phones will be monitored regularly.
  • To speak with Dr Vaughan and Dr. Chris directly  follow  the instructions on the answering machine.
  • If you are unable to reach either of us, there is an emergency hotline in Ottawa: 613 523 4185

Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Vaughan participate in several discussion forums with other professionals to ensure we are providing optimal information and support. We will update our website when we know more.

Until our team can provide care directly,  we continue to have team meetings and online discussions regularly by Zoom and text.  We view this as an opportunity to learn and grow and make plans for our office to emerge on the leading edge, in what we all must accept will be a New Normal.

Be well, be safe and be assured many good things will come out of this unprecedented challenge.

Warm regards,

Chris, Vaughan, the Glover Family Dental team and our families